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Dalian Marine Propeller Co.,L td. (DMPC) is the largest professional propeller maker in China, which is the member of CSSC.

We have over 50 years experience in marine propeller production, with strong professional technical ability of designing, manufacturing and maintenancing of various fixed pitch propellers, controllable pitch components, energy-saving device (vortex absorbed fin), non-ship alloy castings and the integration of propeller and propeller shafting. We have gained the classification authentication of CCS, LR, DNV-GL, ABS, NK, KR, BV and RINA. We gained the Quality System Authentication ISO9002-1994 in the year 1997, and ISO9001-2000 in the year 2003. Our products are exported directly or with the ships to over 20 countries and regions. The first Made-in-China propeller for 150000t bulk carrier, the propeller for 300000t VLCC, the propeller for 250000t vessel with the diameter of 10.6m, the propeller for 400000t VLOC and the propeller for container vessel with the finished weight of 103t are all manufactured in DMPC, this filled in the gaps of propeller manufacturing many times in China in history. Currently, we have signed series contracts of designing and manufacturing propellers for over 100000t bulk carriers, 8000 to 8500PCTC, 250000t to 400000t VLOC, 300000t VLCC, and 8000 to 12000TEC container vessels. Our annual production capacity is more than 10000 tons, and we are standing in the front row of the industry in designing, manufacturing and technology.

We have the world first-class production base and equipments. The foundry is equipped with several sets of double-body intermediate frequency electrical furnaces, so the melting capacity in one time can be 180 tons. We can melt and cast very large propeller with the finished weight to 110 tons with many ladles at the same time. The machining workshop is equipped with world first-class imported NC machining devices and special purpose devices designed and made by ourselves. This helps to improve the machining accuracy highly, and also meet the needs of machining of many large non-ship parts.

In the new developing period, our company will follow the group strategic target to expedite the construction of the new factory in JinPu New District, and make a worldwide first-class base for propeller and non-ship parts manufacturing and machining. We will exist by quality and develop by technology innovation. We will keep on in casting theory and high technology design and manufacture of controllable pitch propeller as well. We will widen the market of non-ship parts manufacture and products research, and the machining. We will try our best to establish a global first-class, green and modern company which is specialized in marine propulsion system and provide good quality and service to customers worldwide, make our contribution to the development of the shipbuilding industry.

Add1-1Haifang Street,Xigang District,Dalian,Prc.
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